Green Tree Academy embraces holistic education system which recognizes four dimensional educational systems.
Social and
Every educational program today meets the intellectual, physical and social need of a child very well. However, society today sidesteps the spiritual dimension of the child. Green Tree Academy therefore seek to build
Healthy body
Healthy mind
Happy existence and
Heavenly peace that transcends earthly circumstances
Every child must face practical realities of life- its opportunities and responsibilities, success and defeats. He is to become master or victim of circumstances depends largely upon his preparation to cope with them – his education. Our mission is that youth on the threshold of life might be ready to take their places as good citizens, well prepared for the practical experience of living, fully developed physically, God-fearing, with character untarnished and heart true to principle. We have a vision where every Green Tree Academician will bear good fruits for the society.
Green Treee Academy educational engagement will be focused on
Potential- what they have
Practice – learn how to use what they have
perform – influence the communities they belong to

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