1. The management reserve to itself the right of admission.
  2. The management also reserve to itself the right to examine the age or maturity of a child for admission to playschool, nursery, KG and Class I.
    • Playschool /Nursery- between 1.8 to 2
    • KG 1-3-4 years
    • KG 11- 4-5 years
    • Class I – a child who has not attained the age of 5 years will not be admitted to class 1. Admission to higher and lower class will be governed by this rule.
  3. A child who has previously studied in another recognized school will have to submit a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  4. Admission to all classes except pre-school is finalized after a preliminary test and/or interview and payment of prescribed which once paid are not refundable.
  5. Parents desiring their children to continue schooling at this school after Pre-primary should apply in a prescribe form.


  1. The school fees are payable by the 15th of every month. Any student failing to pay fees for three consecutive month, a late fee of 100/- will be levied for the late payment of the fees. There after late fee of 2/- per day will be levied.
  2. Fees are subject to revision at the discretion of the management.
  3. Fees once paid are not refundable.
  4. Provision to make payments of the school fees for the whole year in advance also exist.
  5. Pupils may not be allowed to sit for any of the examination unless all the dues of the school are paid up-to-date.
  6. All fees are to be paid only at the office hour (between 8am-lpm).
ParticularPre-NurseryNursery to KindergartenI-VIIIIX-X
(Old & New)
Rs.7000/-Rs.4000/- (Old) / Rs. 5000/-(New)Rs.4000/-(Old) /Rs. 5000/-(New)Rs.4000/-(Old) /Rs.5000/-(New)
Monthly FeeRs.1000/-Rs.800/-Rs.800/-Rs.1000/-
Hostel AdmissionRs.4000/Rs.4000/Rs.4000/-Rs.4000/-
Hostel Monthly FeeRs.4000/-Rs.4000/Rs.4000/-Rs.4000/


  • Trousers : Dark Green
  • Shirt : white
  • Jersey : Dark Green
  • Shoes : Black and white
  • Socks : School socks
  • Belt : School  belt
  • School track suit


  • Skirt /Frock : Dark Green
  • Shirt : white
  • Jersey : Dark Green
  • Shoes : Black and white
  • Socks : School socks
  • Belt : School belt
  • School ribbon
  • School track suit
  1. Pupils with unkempt hair would be prevented from
    attending school.
  2. Shoes must be black, leather. Boys are to wear shoes with laces. Slip-ons are not allowed.
  3. The school belt is an essential part of the school uniform.
  4. Every student must carry his/her identity card to school every day.
  5. Casuals will not be allowed, on any occasion since they disturb the required discipline of the school.


  1. Students must arrive to school on time and leave school only after the final school bell is rung. Students arriving late to school are reminded about being on time, with a stamp mark on their diaries. The third late coming in a month will automatically requires that the student be sent home that day and all consecutive days when he or she is late to school, during the rest of the term.
  2. Pupils must be punctual at the beginning of the day and for all subject classes and activities. Unauthorized absence from the class which is commonly known as ‘bunking’ is a serious offense, and can be punished with suspension and on repeated incidence, with expulsion.
  3. Attendance for morning assembly is compulsory. At the end of the assembly, students will proceed in silence to their classrooms.
  4. For every absence, a written statement signed parents/ guardian is required on the day the pupil return.
  5. A student who arrives late will require to bring a legitimate explanatory note from the parents/guardian. The school may for serious reason, including repeated absence disregard the note and disallowed absence.
  6. All explanatory notes for absence/late arrival should handed over to the class teacher. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted class, without the permission of the principal.
  7. Student who has not attained 80% attendance shall not be eligible for promotional examination.
  8. Attendance on the first day of the school after vacation is absolutely essential.
  9. Any unscheduled holidays may be made good by the school without prior intimation to parents/guardian.
  10. Confirmation regarding any unscheduled holidays can be done by checking the notice board at the gate.
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