Lord of all-knowing/ We come to You bowing/ With emptiness we come/ Enlighten us with Your wisdom/ Mold us and fashion us with Your hand/ Until perfection we attain/ No books is greater than Your words/ No teacher greater than You, 0 Lord/ Bless our teacher and parents/ Bless our school and our Nation/ Teach us to be pure and holy/ And help us to follow
Your will/ Amen.
We believed we are called
To a high destiny
So we begin our noble work
Here in Green Tree Academy
With high and holy purpose
Determined through the power of God
Diverged not from the path of rectitude
We aim high; spare no pain to reach our goal
0, Green Tree Academy pupils
Let’s keep our motto high and clear
o carry our light wherever we go
Shine wherever there is darkness
And fulfil our Creator’s will
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes
off your goal – Henry Ford

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