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Daycare Facility


The GTA Day care/ Playschool is a home away from home.

  • At the day care we pride ourselves in providing special care to look after every child just the way a mother would, throughout the day.
  • We provide a safe secure and learning environment for children to learn play and grow. Good Health hygiene is ensured with age appropriate facilities like play material, nurse on campus and child friendly washrooms. Children learn through engaging different activities involving outdoor play, indoor games, music, art and storytelling.
  • CCTV monitoring system is installed to enhance the performance of teachers and for the safety of our children.
  • The full day care program has been designed to provide a facility for parents who like to see their child be comfortable and safe, while they are at their workplaces.
  • Right now we have 9 staffs with two mothers to cater the needs of our day care system. We provide one attendant each to our van service to take extra care while commuting to and fro from home to school.

Special feature:

  1. Day care service with well equipped multi-play station, slide, swing, toy cars, toy bike, rockers, portable swimming pool, playing dough, puzzle and many more.
  2. Shadow teachers available for child with special needs.
  3. Every school van has one female attendant each to ensure smaller children safety while shuttling to and fro from home to school.


Contact Us


Makhan, Tribal University Road
Kangpokpi District. P.O Sekmai.
Pin:- 795136
Ph. No. +917005247150

About Us

Every child must face practical realities of life- its opportunities and responsibilities, success and defeats. He is to become master or victim of circumstances depends largely upon his preparation to cope with them – his education. Our mission is that youth on the threshold of life might be ready to take their places as good citizens, well prepared for the practical experience of living, fully developed physically, God-fearing, with character untarnished and heart true to principle. We have a vision where every Green Tree Academician will bear good fruits for the society.