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Principal Desk


Dear parents and students,

Happy New Year! I take utmost pleasure in congratulating you for your right choice in selecting Green Tree Academy for your (child) education and celebrate your entry into the ever-expanding Green Tree family.

Education must build character, enable learners to be ethical, rational, compassionate, and caring, while at the same time prepare them for gainful, fulfilling employment.

If you are new to the Green Tree community, I on behalf of the GTA administration extend a warm welcome and wish you a smooth transition into our school. We are proud of our school and the education we provide. We will do everything in Almighty’s power to make sure your child feels respected, safe, happy and successful at GTA. With all of us working together – parents, teachers, staff and students- the coming year will result in the realization of your hopes and dreams for your children’s learning. We hope you are as excited as we are for a great year! We all have a dream and a song to sing. Let our entire dream come true.

Thank you for trusting us.

Warm regards,
Dishubou Wijunamai


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Makhan, Tribal University Road
Kangpokpi District. P.O Sekmai.
Pin:- 795136
Ph. No. +917005247150

About Us

Every child must face practical realities of life- its opportunities and responsibilities, success and defeats. He is to become master or victim of circumstances depends largely upon his preparation to cope with them – his education. Our mission is that youth on the threshold of life might be ready to take their places as good citizens, well prepared for the practical experience of living, fully developed physically, God-fearing, with character untarnished and heart true to principle. We have a vision where every Green Tree Academician will bear good fruits for the society.