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General Discipline


The school does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by the pupil, for unintended negligence or natural disaster, while in the school. However, first aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital/OPO treatment attended to , without delay.

  • Pupils are advised not to have private tuition. Parents are urge to encourage their children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to the studies in the classroom.
  • Parents and pupils (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give teachers gifts. Neither parties, nor gift presentation by students or parents on birthdays of students or such occasions are allowed. A token of gift of a flower or a sweet may be allowed.
  • Collection of funds for whatsoever use is forbidden without prior permission of the Principal.
  • No student shall indulge in any of the following practices namely
    • Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property;
    • Smoking
    • Any form of gambling;
    • Use of drugs or intoxicants, except or ‘prescription by
    • registered medical practitioner;
    • Rowdyism and rude behavior;
    • Use of violence in any form
    • Casteism and communalism;
    • Use of obscene language and causing hurt to the modesty of others.
    • Playing truant during classes is a serious offence.
  • Serious violation of the rules and regulations and the discipline of the school are punishable including removal or expulsion from school.
  • In the absence of teacher from the classroom, pupils are required to observe silence and obey the monitor of the class.
  • Fines, which may deemed necessary to be imposed on the students, are only to improved or to enforced discipline.
  • Staying away from mandatory school functions, including Annual Day and Sports Day without prior permission and or justification will be considered a discipline default.
  • English being the medium of instruction in the school, students must speak English even in their private conversation in the school.
  • Each student’s safety is a major concern of the school. Therefore students should wear the identity card with school uniform at all time during school hours.
  • Parents of pre-primary students are required to train the children to tell their names, address and telephone numbers when ask by a teacher or school staff, but not strangers.
  • Students are responsible to school authorities for the conduct not only in the school but also for their genera behaviour outside. Any report or observed objectionable conduct outside the school on the part of the pupils make them liable to disciplinary action. It is expected that through their good behaviour they enhance the prestige of the School.
  • Parents are advised to inform the Principal about an problem they may be facing regarding their children keeping in mind that it is only with sincerity and openness of the parents that the school will be able to help the child to become a well-adjusted person and a strong character with right attitudes. Needless to say that disclosures made will be treated with utmost confidentiality.
  • Students are not allowed to enter classrooms other that their own.
  • A student involved in any incident even outside the school which brings discredit to the institution either because of unpleasant nature or inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court will be dismissed from the school without further inquiry.
  • Students as well as parents are reminded that the minimum passing marks in the school are 40% both in the semester exams as well as in the final exams.


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Every child must face practical realities of life- its opportunities and responsibilities, success and defeats. He is to become master or victim of circumstances depends largely upon his preparation to cope with them – his education. Our mission is that youth on the threshold of life might be ready to take their places as good citizens, well prepared for the practical experience of living, fully developed physically, God-fearing, with character untarnished and heart true to principle. We have a vision where every Green Tree Academician will bear good fruits for the society.